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Définitions de assimilation. Action d' assimiler ou de s'assimiler : La bonne assimilation des immigrés à la population locale. Biologie. Propriété caractéristique de tous les êtres vivants et qui consiste à introduire dans l'organisme des molécules différentes de celles qui le constituent et à les transformer de façon à les rendre identiques à ces dernières. ASSIMILATE DEF Capacity to integrate external knowledge through routines and from ENTREPS 348 at Stellenbosch University-South Africa assimilate verb [I or T] (JOIN) to become part of a group, country, society, etc., or to make someone or something become part of a group, country, society, etc.: The European Union should remain flexible enough to assimilate more countries quickly. Assimilate: to describe as similar. Synonyms: analogize, bracket, compare… Antonyms: contrast, miss… Find the right word.

Assimilate def

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(Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb. 1 a : to take into the mind and thoroughly understand assimilate information Students need to assimilate new concepts. b : to take in and utilize as nourishment : to absorb into the system The body assimilates digested food. assimilate 1. To take in and incorporate, especially mentally: absorb, digest, imbibe, take up. Informal: soak (up).

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English - Swedish Translator. Directive 90/434/EEC should therefore be amended to assimilate its requirements mean that everyone must be given the opportunity to acquire and assimilate  We must also assimilate competition with the Chinese here more intensively than mean that everyone must be given the opportunity to acquire and assimilate  This paper attempts to contribute to the enfolding MIME-framework by critically reflecting upon the definition of 'inclusion'.

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Assimilate def


Assimilate def

Choice of State Variables and Preconditioning. • Free to choose which variables to use to define state vector, x(t ).
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Assimilate def

Given such a definition of institutions and their function as drivers (“sticks”) the production, assimilation or exploitation of a product, production  Integration vs assimilation är två helt motstridiga ideal. En integrationspolitik som leder till assimilation är per definition misslyckad. Istället för att  Steg 7: Definition och analys av referensutvecklingen. 29 från luften vid fotosyntes är den helt dominerande vägen för assimilation av C-14 i. ”religion” står det: ”ett begrepp utan heltäckande definition.” Försök att definiera och bli en del av det nya landet, genom sk assimilation. Den mångkulturella  assimilering, den process genom vilken en minoritet helt överger sin egen kultur så att ursprungliga kulturskillnader försvinner.

assimilate. verb. (əˈsɪməˌleɪt) Take up mentally. Synonyms. take in learn absorb ingest acquire imbibe larn.

See Article History. Assimilation, in anthropology and sociology, the process whereby individuals or groups of differing ethnic heritage are absorbed into the dominant culture of a society. The process of assimilating involves taking on the traits of the dominant culture to such a degree that the assimilating group becomes socially b [no object] : to adopt the ways of another culture : to fully become part of a different society, country, etc. They found it hard to assimilate to/into American society. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples. 3.

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To assimilate is defined as to become like others, or help another person to adapt to a new environment. (verb) An examp 2021-03-02 · Assimilation Psychology Definition. Assimilation, as defined by psychologists, is one of the two ways that people absorb new knowledge. It is most frequently seen in children and immigrants, but anyone at any stage of life may use assimilation to evaluate and absorb new information. Find 44 ways to say ASSIMILATE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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b : to take in and utilize as nourishment : to absorb into the system The body assimilates digested food.

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See more. If you are trying to fit in, you are trying to assimilate.

Assimilation  En mer snäv definition av begreppet skulle kunna vara att pedagogik innebär läran om I korthet handlar det om två utvecklingsplan där det första: assimilation  Assimilation innebär att huden låter en aktiv ingrediens gå in i den och påverka den med sina ger en rejäl boost åt hudens spänst och definition.